Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ending 7

Well, my experience with 7 came to an end.   I went for a full week and I did learn a few things, especially appreciating people who might have only "7" as their regular diets, not as a short project or experience.   I can appreciate that we can be mindful of the abundance we have in our lives and to appreciate God's blessings.

But I ended my journey because my health was affected and I was about to pass out a couple of times while working in my yard.   I believe the daily exercise of walking 6 miles daily and then doing somewhat strenuous yard work, along with limited nutrition intake had depleted my body of needed nutrients.   So I stopped the project.

I may pick up and try again, but for now I have called it a day.   I did not go hog wild and start indulging in all kinds of decadent treats.  I actually ate turkey again last night but I ate some things that I felt I needed.   A tofu salad was the first new item, along with a diet soda.

Good luck to everyone who is still hanging in there.

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