Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Faithful Couple

I recently read the account of a family that was on vacation years ago in Yosemite National Park. They were fascinated and awed by the magnificent redwood trees. God’s creative hand and majestic beauty was breathtaking. As they walked among the forest giants, they came to what appeared to be a huge redwood tree about forty feet in diameter. The sign at the base of the tree read, "The Faithful Couple." But they were puzzled because it appeared as though this was a single tree, not a “Couple of Trees.”
As the family was enjoying their vacation time throughout the week, they encountered a park ranger and they asked about “The Faithful Couple.” He went on to explain that almost fifteen hundred years ago, two trees had sprouted as seedlings. The two trees that began on the forest ground were approximately fifteen feet apart initially. And for several hundred years, the two trees had grown individually. But as the years passed and the trees got larger, their trunks grew closer and closer together. Then sometime around the age of eight hundred years, the trunks literally touched, and the trees began fusing together as one. The trees uniting together as one have withstood the centuries—thereby giving them the title of “The Faithful Couple.”

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