Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Steve Harvey's Introduction Of Jesus!

If I had the pleasure of bringing out Christ
This is just how I would do it
It ain't got to be the way you would do it
You may not think it's just right
But this is how I would do it
Ladies and Gentlemen
It is my honor to introduce a Man who needs no introduction
His credits are too long to list
He has done the impossible time after time
He hails out of a manger in Bethlehem Jerusalem by way of Heaven
His mother is still head-lining in the Catholic church today
His Daddy is the Author of a Book that has been on the best-seller list since the beginning of time
He holds the record for the world's greatest fish fry
He fed five thousand hungry souls with two fish... five loaves of bread
He can walk on water, turn water into wine, no special effects, no camera tricks
He has a headshot on every church fan across the country
Even before the kings of comedy, He was hailed the King of all kings, Ruler of the universe, Alpha and Omega, The Bright and Morning Star
Some say He's the Rose of Sharon, and some say He's the Prince of Peace
Get up on your feet; put your hands together; and show your love for the second coming of the one and only...

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