Monday, May 5, 2014

No Limits

A few years ago (5yrs), I bred border canaries as a hobby. I love canaries. My most favorite canary was a girl named Willow. I had her from an early age and she was a sweetie.

One day, when cleaning her cage, she flew out! I was frantic, if she got out the door she would die, being a tamed bird from 6 weeks old! But the weirdest and saddest thing happened.

Willow wouldn't fly higher than the cage she was raised up in! She only flew as high, as she thought she could. She would fly to the height of her cage, then stop and land to the ground again.

Well, I had mingled emotions. I felt so relieved my bird was ok. But I felt so sad; my bird didn't know she could fly high to the skies. She was limited by what she thought she could do.

Well I shared this with my daughter and husband. We turned it into a life lesson.

This was the lesson: "Don’t allow the circumstances to dictate to us what we can or can’t do. We can do all things."

Let’s not limit ourselves. Thinking we can’t do it, why try? Just keep doing what we have always known and not try something new.

~Our environment does not dictate how high we can fly, our minds do. ~

Let’s not be like my poor bird, limited by what she thought she could do. Let’s put no limits on ourselves. We can fly; we just need to know we can if we try.

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