Monday, March 31, 2014

Advice For Couples

In the end, these are the things we’ll wish we’d done more often with our spouse:
1. Be quick to forgive and to seek forgiveness.
Life’s too short to hold grudges and keep score of each other’s faults. Let grace flow freely in your marriage. It will lift a huge weight off your shoulders and theirs.
2. Don’t take each other for granted.
Recognize that every minute together is a gift, so treasure it. Don’t prioritize your hobby, your career or your possessions over your marriage and family. In the end, your relationships will be all that matters, so don’t wait until the end to make them your priority.
3. Laugh more.
Don’t take yourselves too seriously, but don’t take your commitments too lightly. Live life with conviction and purpose, but make plenty of room for fun. Laughter should be the soundtrack of your marriage.
4. Don’t hit the snooze button on your dreams.
If the two of you have dreams, don’t keep putting them off until “someday” gets here, because someday may never come unless you make it happen.
5. Realize that most the stuff you fight about isn’t worth fighting over.
Fight for each other, but never fight against each other. In every disagreement, remember that your relationship with your spouse is much more important than whatever you’re arguing about.
6. Remember that romance has no expiration date! 
So many marriages start out strong and then slowly fade until there’s nothing left, but it isn’t supposed to be that way! Through all the seasons of your life, continue to purse each other, love each other, encourage each other and treasure every moment together. If you’ve already fallen out of those habits, start today and begin again!
7. Realize that “Goodbye” doesn’t have to be the end.
As I prayed with this couple today, I was moved by their unshakable hope in Jesus and the peace their faith brought to them in that moment. That same hope can be yours, and I can tell you from experience, it changes everything.

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